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I’ve lived in Frimley Green for 20 years, and worked in industries from defence to healthcare, leading innovation and change.

I live with my partner Inta, her daughter, and the 3 children we are Special Guardians to.

I hope to make a difference in whatever I do.

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How I can help

Frimley Green is part of two local authorities or Councils: Surrey Heath Borough Council and Surrey County Council.

Each Council is responsible for different local services, and it can be confusing.

The section below details which services come under which Council:

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Michael Gove Beefs up Social Housing Regulation

February 25th, 2024|

Thanks to Cllr Trefor Hogg for much of the background material on this post. It's well worth subscribing to his newsletter here. He describes entrenched attitides within the dominant local social housing provider, Accent Housing, [...]

Hypocrisy on Wharf Road Car Park?

January 28th, 2024|

As you will see from my other post, the current SHBC administration plan to introduce significant changes in Surrey Heath's car parks. When the previous adminstration (that I was part of) proposed introducing changes at [...]

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