Plans to increase parking charges across Surrey Heath

75% increase Knoll Road. Wharf Road to be reduced to 30 mins free. Parking tickets at Balmoral Drive litte Tescos & Heatherside Sainsbury’s if you overstay.

On February 13th Surrey Heath Borough Council”s Executive will decide whether to increase Car Park charges.

They will also decide whether to reduce the free parking duration at Wharf Road car park in Frimley Green from an hour to 30 minutes, AND introduce parking tickets if you over stay at little Tesco on Balmoral Drive and at Sainsbury’s on Heatherside.

You can see the full Parking Strategy document here, and there is a summary of the changes here:

My prefered Camberley car park, Knoll Road, goes up from a minimum of £1.20 to £2.30, an increase of 75%.

Initially I thought at least they were not changing the local car parks in Frimley and Frimley Green.

But what I didn’t realise was that ‘POF’ wasn’t a car park but stands for ‘Pay on Foot’ and includes the car parks at:

  • Balmoral Drive (by little Tesso)
  • Bagshot (by Co-Op)
  • Burrel Road (by Maximus Gym)
  • Chobham
  • Heatherside (Sainsbury’s)
  • Watchetts Road (back of Royal Standard)
  • Frimley Green Wharf Road,
  • Wilton Road (near the tip)
  • Yorktown (opposide Co-Op at top of Frimley Road).

Balmoral Drive (little Tesco), Heatherside (Sainsbury’s) and Yorktown will become POF car parks.

All the existing POF car parks will have the 1 hours free parking reduced to 30 minutes.

Surrey Heath Borough Council did run a “consultation” on car parking which ended on January 14th.

There was no mention of these specific changes, only a final question of  “Would you be willing to pay a slightly higher fee within council-owned car parks if it meant improved facilities and services?”

I’d be interested to hear what residents think about this.

Stuart Black

January 2024