Today a leaflet was distributed with this headline.

The Councillor under attack was me. As a member of the SHBC Planning Committee, I voted against an application to ADD a four-storey patient services building to the Frimley site before traffic issues were addressed. Details of the application are here. A diagram of location is here.

The traffic congestion to get into Frimley Park Hospital is appalling; my late friend and fellow candidate for Councillor Karen Campion had told me how long it sometimes took her to get into the car park at Frimley Park for an appointment; up to 45 minutes. So I thought there was a problem.

I took the view that the Council should have the courage to say “NO” to developments that will lead to even more traffic to Frimley Park Hospital UNTIL measures have been agreed to improve traffic flow.

I still hold that view.

Stuart Black, 20 May 2023