Esso Pipeline Road Closures of Balmoral Drive – in detail

Update 23rd September: Frimley Green Road now fully open at SC Johnson roundabout.

Balmoral Drive still closed. Expect next phase to reopen single land with traffic lights.


Update 16th September: It will come as no surprise to those obseving the work that Esso will NOT open the SC Johnson roundabout today. I have told the Esso Press Office that in future I will be very wary of passing ANY dates on to residents, as they simply cannot be trusted. This morning I was assured it would be finished next Tuesday, for what it’s worth.

Update: 8th September. Sorry to bring more bad news on this sad day, but it will not come as any surprise to those who have been watching the SC Johnson roundabout works to know that it will not be completed this week, the last (delayed) date given. The Esso Press Office told me this morning that they had been assured by the team that it would be completed by the end of next week (Friday 16th September).

Update: 24th August. See below for the latest update which clarifies the current situation and the sequencing is slightly changed from how I had previously understood it. The headline is that the Johnson roundabout should be fully re-opened in 2 weeks time, BUT the stretch of Balmoral Drive from the Johnson roundabout to Sandringham way will remain closed for another 6 weeks.

Update: 25th July. The roundabout lights have been installed on schedule, BUT there have been problems filling-in Balmoral Drive so they are not able to re-open it yet. They anticipate the current road scheme to continue through the school holidays. 

Cllr Paul Deach has very helpfully posted details of the road closures for the Esso Pipeline work. Some residents were keen to understand the more of the details, which I set out below.

I got this information by calling the ‘hotline’ number printed on the roadworks sign on Balmoral Drive – 07540 311973, which is the best number to report any future problems, e.g. traffic lights getting stuck.

There are 4 maps that have been published to describe the road closures.

Stage 1 – Monday 11th July to c.1st week in October: Balmoral Drive closed between Johnson’s Roundabout and Sandringham Way Roundabout. Access to Community Centre inc Nursery from Buckingham Way. This is shown on ‘Map 3‘ (below).

Access to/from Frimley Green Road for residents of Pevensey Way, Sandringham Way and offshoots will be via Buckingham Way or Dunbar Road and Worsley estate:

Stage 2 – From Monday 25th July to 1st week in September 15th: 3-way traffic lights at Johnson’s Roundabout to put pipeline across Frimley Green Road. No full road closures.  This stage isn’t covered by one of the latest maps, it was part of previous approvals. This has been scheduled so it does not start until schools have broken up for summer.

The following stages will move the work from West to East along Balmoral Drive.

Stage 3 – 1st week October to TBD:Balmoral Drive closed from Buckingham Way to 2nd Sandringham Way roundabout. This is shown on ‘Map 2’ (below).

Access to Pevensey Way and offshoots will be by looping round Sandringham Way around the closure or via Peel Avenue and Sandringham Way. No access to Balmoral Drive from Buckingham Way which will effectively become a ‘cul-de-sac’during this phase.

Stage 4 – Date TBD: Balmoral Drive closed from 2nd Sandringham Road roundabout to Pevensey Way. This is shown on ‘Map 1‘ (below).

Access to Sandringham Way shall be via the first roundabout. Access to Pevensey Way and offshoots shall be via Peel Avenue to Sandringham Way. Residents and businesses affeected directly by this closure (Braemar Close, shops) will be contacted directly by the contractors who will do all they can to maintain access:

Stage 5 – Date TBD: Most Westerley end of Balmoral Drive closed from Pevensey Way junction to end. This is shown on ‘Map 4’ (below).

Access to Pevensey Way and offshoots will be via Peel Avenue and Sandringham Way. Residents on Penhurst Rise will be contacted directly by the contractors who will do all they can to maintain access in the least disruptive way:

I hope this is helpful.

Stuart Black, 7th July 2022.